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  • Mr. Sándor Császár's personal references: business valuation KPMG; risk management Erste Bank, Uncredit Bank, Kvantum Faktor, owner and CEO of Moneta Faktor. Responsible for financial issues.
  • Mr. Zsolt Pintér's personal references: international oil exploration business including branch office and site-management in Turkey (MOL); business valuation KPMG; risk management Erste Bank. Responsible for agro technologic and strategic issues.
  • Mr. Tibor Szöllősi's personal references: branch office management in Iran (Transelektro), management of thermal power station projects in Iran, management of large construction projects in Hungary. Responsible for pricing and proposals.
  • Ms Flóra Kovács's personal references: credit assistant Kvantum Faktor, office manager and Member of Committee at Moneta Faktor. Responsible for ordination activities.
  • Mr. Amini Poorang's personal references: 1989-1992 Computer programmer (Szamalk),Representative Of EGI-Transelektro to Iran-Isfahan from 1992-2005 ( Energetic Sector ), Business Coordinator Of Bosporus '92 from 2004-2008 ( Seed registration activities ), Business Coordinator & Seal Manger of Tengri Co. from 2009 ( Seed export activities ). Representative of Iran.
  • Mr. Demir Beksac's personal references: Representative of Turkey.