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Tengri was established in 2006 and started its activity with renewable energy consultancy projects, co-operating mainly with Finnish and Norwegian companies. The geographical area of consultancy covered Hungary and the surrounding countries, and we had several projects in Turkey also.

ยป After 2009 Tengri engaged itself also in agricultural export activities based on the former activities initiated and developed by its predecessor.

It should be emphasized, that from the very beginning, Mr. Amini Poorang is our permanent representative in Iran while Mr. Demir Beksac in Turkey. We are very proud that we could find the reliable and well trained experts, who work with us in our export activity an the planning and establishing the future development and extensions.

Tengri is focusing its activity to the Middle East. While in Iran and Turkey we have significant commercial results, the first sales in Azerbaijan are expected in 2013, and our Kazakhstan activity is just starting this year. On all markets we start adaptation and performance trials of different varieties and hybrids every year.